The Canadian Chantecler

After a long and intensive search of Ontario we started our flock in 2013 with 100 chicks from a breeder who shares our values, in 2017 we added new genetics to our flock with eggs from one of top Chantecler breeders in Quebec. Our flock has the genetics of the original Quebec blood-line selected for large size, meaty conformation and docile roosters that are perfect for a family farm or successful show stock. Our chickens are also suitable for CSA grow-out and homesteading. In the past four years we have been working hard through selecting the best chickens in our flock to keep and improve it's productivity while maintaining and improving good conformation and temperament.

To avoid freezing the comb is small with proportionately small wattles. White plumage covers a body abundant in meat and able to lay eggs in abundance during the cold Canadian winters. Production qualities are important. These are the traits that we try to reflect in our flock.

In 2018, we added the Partidge Chantecler to our flock, and will have partridge chicks available for the 2021 hatching season, please inquire as to availablility.


What we have to offer

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Please contact us in 2021 to get on our hatching wait list

We have breeding trios, roosters or hens for sale in summer after breeding & fall when we cut back our flock size for winter. We sell chicks in the spring and summer. Contact us to check for availability.

Contact us with your order and preferred hatch dates.

EMAIL: or PHONE: 705-978-1895

*Deposits are non-refundable 30 days prior to hatch date.